From Our Director and Regional Chair XII

It is an exciting time for Region XII.  We have 11 Chapters and 10 Sections and more than 2,400 members.  These Chapters and Sections represent most of Florida, South and Central America and the Caribbean.  This expanse of the our Region allows us to not only share the technology of ASHRAE, but our culture, our history, our languages and passion of sustainability.  We have mentored each other, traveled great distances to collaborate and have volunteered countless hours of time and expertise to not only represent Region XII, but to truly advance the arts and sciences of HVAC & R.

The Region’s strongest membership growth stems from the hard work of the South American Chapters (Argentina, Brazil and Colombia).  This is because of their synergies with similar Alliance Societies such as ACAIRE, AAF, AGBC and ABRAVA.  I am proud to share that members of these chapters have also translated many ASHRAE documents to Spanish at

Our Chapters also share Distinguished Lecturers, keynote speakers and participate in each other’s social events such as golf, clay shoots and fishing tournaments.  The Chapters have exchanged ideas about fundraisers, joint meetings and how to build a successful student activities.  Just last year, our Region introduced two new Student Branches: Brazil (San Paulo University) and FTC/Kissimmee – (Space Coast) and UCF has won FIRST PLACE for the 2013-2014 Student Design Competition in the Design Calculation category.

During the 2014-2015 Society Year, a new ASHRAE Strategic Plan will be introduced, disseminated and several strategies will be initiated and implemented.  Our Region had much to do with this forward direction to expand our International needs, promote our strength in technology and provide direction in sustainability ( ); our very own Ross Montgomery is chairing the bEQ Committee as well as assisting in proctoring Certification exams.  Did you know that Region XII members represent over 100 certifications?  The State of Florida is the first U.S. state to recognize ASHRAE bEQ as an energy compliance method.  This is only to mention a few of the key initiatives in the Strategic Plan promoted by Region XII.

Yes, our Region’s brief 35 year history has been rich (Region XII established on January 11, 1979).  I can only thank Society and Region IV for their support and the past leadership of the Region that set us down this exciting path.


Jennifer A. Isenbeck, PE, LEED BD+C, ASHRAE CPMP

Past Region XII Directors and Regional Chairs:

J. Wesley Floreth                           1979-1983

James H. Carroll, Jr., PE               1983-1986

Alberto J. Sanchez, PE                  1986-1989

Ronald J. Kessner, PE                   1989-1992

Thomas H. Williams                     1992-1995

Raymond E. Patenaude, PE         1995-1998

Rex E. Noble, Jr., PE                      1998-2001

Suzanne LeViseur, PE                   2001-2004

Robert B. Risley                             2004-2007

Ross D. Montgomery, PE             2007-2010

William W. Malphus                     2010-2013