Knowing the possibilities of our website

Our Region XII website aims to enhance the communication of our chapters and to show everything is happening in the region XII. We have developed a user friendly website with high quality content and the following features:

* Adaptable to mobile and tablets design (Responsive Design).

* Improved quality display all type of screens (Retina Display) and (Mobile First).

* Managing Custom Content (News, Blog, Events) by the presidents and directors.

* Our website offers translation into 3 languages of our region (Spanish, English and Portuguese).

* Direct connection to social media (Facebook, twitter, linkedin) and our video channel (Youtube).

* We have a photo gallery to share our events.

* Recognition of our chapter presidents, (photos) and Officers of the region XII.

* With our events calendar on the right side of our pages you can easily view the events for the current month, as

Also upcoming DL´s visits.

* Read our documentation in PDF format in 3 languages.

* And many more topics for our interest.

  For development of this site we had sponsored by Ingeal SA, Colombia Chapter and Acaire.


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